The multi gas analyser MGA 11

The multi gas analyser MGA 11 serves the temporary emission measurement of pollutants in flue gas (e.g. CO, NO, NO , SO , O , H S, CO ). Thereby the device can be used mobile and up to seven infrared gas components can be detected simultaneously. 


The MGA 11 is applicable all-purpose for measurement of emissions, raw gases or processes and, amongst others, it serves the exhaust concentration control in combustion plants with different types of fuel, the combustion optimisation, the process and safety management control and the control of atmosphere during heat treatment of steel.

Application examples:


By means of a sample probe the MGA 11 extracts a partial volume of the exhaust from the exhaust duct. The gas conditioning is done by an integrated condensate trap. Afterwards the gas components areanalysed by dint of electrochemical sensors.

Toxic gases as well as the oxygen content of the measuring gas are measured by electrochemical sensors. The determination of carbon dioxide is based on the absorption of non-dispersive infrared radiation.

Through the construction of the sample probe the pressure, draft and temperature are measured directly at the end of the probe tube.

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