More than 20% water savings - Banjalučka pivara significantly reduced losses in the system

The energy consumption in the Banjalučka brewery was a lot higher than the standard in the industry. For years, no investments in the energy sector were made. To optimize the production process, it was a must to also reduce the energy costs.

The results

The Banjalučka brewery was founded in 1873 by monks of the monastery “Marija zvijezda” in order to produce beer for their own purposes. The brewery with this great tradition is well known for their nectar as one of the best in the Balkans. The brewery is medium sized and produces about 500,000 hectoliter/year.

The customer challenge

The customer demanded measurements for the following media: water, steam, compressed air and CO2. Furthermore,Banjalučka wanted to see the physical binding of the media and real time measurement and metering data.

Our solution

Our representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, IBEJ, offered instrumentation and energy application managers for an improved energy management. For monitoring of the whole process, a SCADA system was installed, so Banjalučka is able to analyse and process the data of the measurements. Everything is saved and always accessible.

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